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24 x 7 IT ServiceDesk Support

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School IT services you can trust

At Classic Technologies Ltd, We know that managing your IT requirements can be a headache, particularly when you don’t have a dedicated IT Personnel. All of our services are designed with the school environment in mind. We offer a wide range of IT Services designed to cover all your School IT needs most importantly offering TECHNOLOGY and PEDAGOGY related teacher trainings to teachers and educators to equip them with the necessary technological skills needed to teach in the 21st century focusing on integrating educational tools in teaching and learning.

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    Cyber Security


    Cyber Security is an area all businesses and individuals should be focusing on.

    At Classic Technologies, we understand that not every business has the time, resource or technical ability to keep up with the latest cyber threats using a combination of processes and solutions.

    Our range of solutions provide proactive protection of your business covering all the key security aspects. Whether it be Cyber Essentials, Firewall Security at the perimeter, Anti-virus/Endpoint Protection, Email Security and Encryption, we can provide the right advise for your business.

    We offer unified threat management firewalls that feature intrusion prevention, content filtering, activity reporting, bandwidth management and virtual private networking. Keep your network clean and protect your endpoints (computers, smartphones, tablets and file servers) against emerging threats and data theft.

    Our approach to offering the correct security solutions has always been delivered via thorough research of the leading security vendors and products to ensure clients get the best protection at cost-effective rates. 

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    Cloud IT Solutions

    Is your business growing fast? Do you have multiple locations that need remote access? Eliminate costly IT expenses, and leap into the cloud. It’s flexible, secure, and there’s no up-front costs.

    We carefully plan your migration to our cloud environment to minimally affect your operations, which includes a thorough network analysis to ensure you have the proper connectivity to support a cloud environment.

    We offer the entire Google workspace and Microsoft 365 Product range, which includes Microsoft, Exchange, SharePoint, Teams and much more.


    CCTV & Security Camera Surveillance Systems

    Your home, office and business need to be protected. Classic Technologies Ltd installs the best quality security cameras to monitor indoor and outdoor activity and gives you access toview your recordings remotely.

    Regardless of scope, we always use the best commercial-grade security equipment,including cameras, lenses, control modules, storage and connectivity. This ensures a sharp visual image, clear audio and availability whenever you need it.

    Classic Technologies provides;

    • High-Quality, Professional Cameras
    • Secure NVR and DVR Systems With Ample Storage
    • Professional Planning & Installation
    • Proactive Management & Maintenance

    Internet Connectivity

    Are you still using mediocre or poor internet for your home or business?  We can help you to find the best  internet service provider in Uganda depending on your location. An in depth consultation will help us advise you on the best way to go.


    LAN and WIFI


    Who do you entrust to manage your business network? You need a reliable IT Support Company to secure, protect, and manage your IT environment.

    The Foundation of your network is of utmost importance. We build your network from the ground up and offer;

    • Cat5e, Cat6, Cat6a, CAT7 & Fibre Optic Cabling,

    •  24/7/365 Network Monitoring and Remediation , 

    • Switch, Router and Firewall Configuration and Testing ,

    • Wireless Network Architecture and Deployment

    • Network Security Analysis and Hardening

    We design and implement solid wireless networks using the range of Cisco, Aruba, Ubiquiti products.

    Servers and


    Your Server infrastructure is the key to your business, whether physical or virtual, Our team of certified engineers can monitor, maintain, and support your server infrastructure and ensure your servers are running properly and available consistently.

    Once we learn of an issue, we determine if we can resolve it remotely or if an on-site visit is necessary We specialise in Dell & HP on the hardware side and  a wide range of Microsoft of Server and workstation Operating systems, Virtualization Planning, Implementation and Management .

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    Backup, Disaster Recovery and

    Business Continuity  Planning

     How is your data protected incase a disaster strikes?

    You need an effective backup solution to secure your valuable information, and ensure you can quickly recover from any kind of IT disaster. We can architect a proper solution, implement it, and then provide ongoing support.

    Whether Local backups to External drives or NAS Devices or Safe and Secure backups to the cloud, we offer;

    • File and Image Level Backup Testing and Verification Solutions
    • Disaster Recovery Planning and Documentation


    Video Conferencing


    With a broad range of video conferencing options, our Managed Video Conferencing Services allow you to control performance and functionality, increase productivity, and make the most of your investment. Depending on your requirements, We will Design, provision, maintain and support your conferences anytime, anywhere and provide Continuous and reliable monitoring of your video conferencing systems.

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    VOIP Telephony Systems

    Voice over IP  (VOIP) has become the 21st century Telephony Communication preference for all businesses no matter the size. Selecting the right provider is a crucial decision and affects your IT budgets for years. We will make sure you get the Telephone services you need, with no frills and ensures your technology is installed correctly and on time.

    Our team will also help you select the right telephone provider and provide ongoing support as needed.



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    IT Incident Management

    We help you to Identify, respond to and recover from events that negatively impact your Business or organisation. Eg, systems failure. If an incident is not managed, it can escalate into an emergency, crisis or disaster. You should limit the potential disruption caused by events in order to return to business as usual, as quickly as possible,
    We will identify the Incident, categorise and log it for easy follow-up. Once this is done, we proactively notify you, investigate/diagnose, resolve and amicably close off the ticket

    IT Problem Management

    We proactively find problems so they can be fixed, or identify workarounds before future incidents happen.

    We categorize, diagnose and Identify the underlying contributing causes of the problem and the best course of action for remediation and create an informed solution or work around where necessary if the problem can’t be easily identified and eliminated.

    IT Change Request

    Once a change request is received by our team, Weather approved by CAB (Change Advisory Board) or not, We will develop a change management plan and document expected outcomes, resources, timelines, testing requirements, and ways to roll back. An appropriate Change manager will be assigned to drive the change implementation and closure. He will communicate whether the change was successful, timely, accurately estimated within budget etc.

    IT Service Request

    Our IT ServiceDesk team will receive your IT service request from the service desk portal or via email or by call and assess it. The team will therefore engage to fulfil the request or escalates it to another Professional. After resolving the request, we consult the customer to make sure they are satisfied before the ticket is closed .